Weighing Technologies Minebea


Minebea Intec Miras® is a new generation industrial bench and platform scale. The weighing capacities range from 6 kg to 300 kg with 3 platform sizes

Industrial Scale Signum

The bench scale Signum® has been specifically developed as a compact solution for a variety of industries. All scales in the range are based on strain-gauge (SG) or electromagnetic force compensation (EMFC) technology.

Industrial Scale Midrics

The bench and floor scale Midrics® is a proven tough complete scale for reliable quality control, for example in the grocery, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and metal industries. Boasting a long product lifetime, they are robust and easy to clean.

Industrial Scale Combics

The bench and floor scale Combics® combines precision and versatility. All platforms are equipped with proven precision strain-gauge technology, and some models have highresolution electromechanical force compensation.

Wk Weighing Module

Standardized and modular quality assurance system that delivers incomparable value for money. Weighing capacity up to 7 kg; belt speed up to 20 m/min (approximately 66 ft/min). .

Weighing Platforms IS

High-resolution weighing platforms available in various sizes and designs. They feature a choice of digital interface ports and can be supplied as High-Resolution Weighing Platforms from 0.001 g to 300 kg.