Weighing Technologies Azano

TPF/TPFS Floor Scales

Four load cells Adjustable SST leveling feet 6cm low profile design Easy access SST junction box Mid steel (TPF) or stainless steel (TPFS) structure selectable OIML approved load cell Optional Weighing indicator and indicator stands

TPS Pallet Truck Scales

Application: 1.Weighing unit conversion 2.Net/gross shift 3.Tare
Instant weight readings are available as soon as the forks are raised
OIML approval from DELTA (approval no.:DK0199.166)
Easy access junction box Rugged construction for long life

ELW Weighing Platform Scales

Application: 1.Tare 2.Accumulation 3.Weighing units conversion
Battery provides up to 40 hours of continous use Optional RS-232 interface can connect to computer or printer

RWS Waterproof Weighing Platform Scales

Application: 1.Tare 2.Weighing unit conversion 3.Auto Power off
IP65 waterproof housing design Stainless stell housing and load cell OIML approval from DELTA (approval no.:DK0199.284)
Rechargeable Battery provides up to 40 hours of continous use

VW Weighing Platform Scales

Application 1.Check weighing 2.Accumulation 3.Animal scale 4.Keyboard lock
Mild steel and die-casting aluminum platform selectable Battery provide up to 70 hours continous use (without backlight) Optional RS-232 interface Optional analog output (0-10v/4-20mA)

CR Hanging Scales

Application 1.Tare 2.Weighing unit conversion 3.Hold
Drycell battery powered Selectable weighing unit (kg/lb) Safety overload: up to 150%